• No sound is heard
    Make sure you have your mobile device un-muted. iPhones have a hardware switch to do so.
  • Where are the videos stored
    If you have recorded your own video clips on your device, it will remain on your phone (we will provide an upload mechanism soon). Youtube clips are not downloaded on your device (legal issues). They remain in Youtube's cloud and WhatStep only stores the link and its information on your device.
  • I can't hear sound when slowing down video clips
    That is wanted. When slowing down video, the sound gets distorted. We have therefore decided to mute while playing slow motion.
  • Can I still use the app after the demo period is over
    Yes you can. Of course I would rather you value my app by buying it. The only restriction you have is that you can't add any more videos to your library, if your list exceeds 20 entries. Existing entries will never get deleted by the app unless you chose so.
  • How do I open a WhatStep attachment with iOS mail? 
    You have to long-press the attachment to get a choice of apps to open the playlist. WhatStep will be one of them, if you have installed it on your device.
  • Why can't I share my playlist through WhatsApp or Facebook? 
    WhatsApp can only send pictures, videos and PDF files. WhatStep playlist has a different format. WhatStep could send the playlist through facebook but if you had an iOS device you would be able to open it (Facebook on iOS is quite restricting how to handle data).
  • Frame by Frame doesn't always perform the same
    The main factor is the format of the video. Online videos usually work best (as long as you give them some time to load from the internet). Local videos are sometimes a bit more tricky. This is very much phone and operating system dependent. There might also be some limitation of the computing time and memory of your device.
  • Should I report any bugs or new features that would help me
    Definitely yes. I am very thankful for any input I get to make WhatStep even better. Just send an email toinfo@WhatStep.com or hit the feedback button in the app.
  • How can I backup my data
    Just go to your listview and make sure you have no tags selected in the filter. You want to see ALL of your videos. Now click the share button and send it to your own email address. If you ever have to restore your data, just go back to your email and click on the playlist attached to it. Done! Remember though, local videos don't get saved this way, just the link to it.